Catalonia Independence Crisis

Below is a collection of articles I wrote for Al Jazeera as a correspondent in Catalonia during its 2017 push for independence from Spain. I authored over 20 features and breaking news articles on while reporting in Barcelona. I continued to cover the issue from Al Jazeera’s office in Doha.

Catalonia set to vote with leaders in jail, exile, 20-Dec-2017
How the Catalan crisis helps Spain’s far right, 28-Nov-2017
Jailing Catalan leaders would cause ‘irreparable’ harm, 15-Nov-2017
Spain issues arrest warrant for Carles Puigdemont, 04-Nov-2017
Barcelona politicians demand release of Catalan leaders, 03-Nov-2017
Catalonia: Judge jails eight removed ministers, 02-Nov-2017
Catalan leaders appear in Spanish court, 02-Nov-2017
Summoned Catalan leader Puigdemont remains in Belgium, 01-Nov-2017
Ousted Catalan leader ‘not seeking asylum’ in Belgium, 31-Oct-2017
Spain prosecutor files charges against Catalan leaders, 30-Oct-2017
Dismissed Catalan officials told to clear their desks, 30-Oct-2017
Catalonia Crisis spurs criticism from regional leaders, 29-Oct-2017
Thousands celebrate Catalonia independence declaration, 27-Oct-2017
Catalonia declares independence from Spain, 27-Oct-2017
No end to standoff as Catalan leaders rule out elections, 26-Oct-2017
Puigdemont ‘will not address’ Senate over Article 155, 25-Oct-2017
Which other regions want to secede from Spain? 23-Oct-2017
Meet the CDR activists fighting for Catalan ‘independence’, 21-Oct-2017
Spain to suspend Catalan leaders, call elections, 21-Oct-2017
What is Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution? 19-Oct-2017
Spain to trigger Article 155 to block Catalan autonomy, 19-Oct-2017
Catalan leader threatens to declare independence, 19-Oct-2017
‘Bury me in the flag’: Elderly Catalans speak out, 18-Oct-2017
Protests erupt as Catalan separatist leaders jailed, 17-Oct-2017
Catalan leader refuses to clarify independence stance, 16-Oct-2017
Puigdemont pressured as ‘independence’ deadline looms, 15-Oct-2017
Unity rallies swell amid uncertainty swell amid uncertainty over Catalan vote, 12-Oct-2017
Fake news, threats and referendum cast shadow on Catalan diada, 11-Sept-2017