Below is a selection of bylined news, feature and analysis articles since 2013. 


–Long form articles, investigations and interactives–

Trump’s America: A war on police, or their detractors? 20-Jan-2018
Hobby Lobby funds Israeli settlement archaeology, 26-Aug-2017
How a case against Israeli officials helped Saudi Arabia, 12-Aug-2017
Saudi lobby pays $138,000 for anti-Qatar ads in the US, 25-Jul-2017
Israel, Saudi, UAE team up in anti-Qatar lobbying move, 09-June-2017
Police violence against Native Americans in Arizona, 27-Apr-2017
The Syrian refugees of Gaza, 25-Feb-2016
Do all roads lead to Jerusalem?, 21-Jan-2016

–ICE, Refugees, Immigration and DREAMers–

Women and children detained in ‘freezing cells’ on US border, 28-Feb-2018
Trump’s America: ‘Dreamers must make a deal with the devil’, 20-Jan-2018
Dreamers feel ‘sold out’ as Trump signs spending bill, 23-Mar-2018
Dreamers ‘furious’ Democrats gave up on shutdown, 23-Jan-2018
Motel 6 ‘provided US immigrations officials guest names’, 05-Jan-2018
US migrant agenda ‘dangerous despite deportation cuts’, 01-Jan-2018
Sanctuary churches fight Trump’s deportation surge, 27-Dec-2017
ICE ordered to ‘redo’ asylum parole in detention centre, 22-Nov-2017
Refugee advocacy groups slam ‘Muslim Ban’ ruling, 27-Jun-2017
Afghan who served US military detained by ICE, 31-Mar-2017
Travel ban: US ‘not the safe place it once was, 17-Mar-2017
Protests over detention of immigrants across US, 10-Feb-2017
Protests grow as Texas moves against ‘sanctuary’ cities, 02-Feb-2017

–Net neutrality–

Open internet advocates pressure US senators before midterms, 02-Mar-2018
What’s next in the net neutrality battle? 23-Dec-2017
FCC votes to repeal US net neutrality rules, 14-Dec-2017
Will the end of US net neutrality harm the poor? 12-Dec-2017
What is net neutrality and why it matters, 10-Dec-2017
Digital advocates decry plan to end net neutrality, 22-Nov-2017

–US 2016-present: Islamophobia, politics and protest–

Iran ordered to pay $6bn to victims of 9/11 attacks, 01-May-218
US Natives organise to end homelessness and racism, 27-Mar-2018
Mike Pompeo on Muslims, torture and Guantanamo Bay, 14-Mar-2018
Trump must make known ‘deadly’ changes to drone policy: NGOs, 08-Mar-2018
Anti-Trump protesters facing decades in jail cleared, 21-Dec-2017
Jury deliberation begins for first J20 defendants, 16-Dec-2017
Trump to replace Tillerson with Pompeo: reports, 20-Nov-2017
Hate crimes rose by nearly 5 percent in 2016: FBI, 14-Nov-2017
Katie Yow refuses to testify amid activist ‘witch hunt’, 02-Aug-2017
US court dismisses Jaber lawsuit for Yemen drone attack, 01-Jul-2017
Memorial to slain American Muslim teen set ablaze, 21-Jun-2017
Muslim girl killed after leaving mosque in Virginia, 19-Jun-2017
US politician says ‘kill them all’ after London attack, 05-Jun-2017
Syrians in Washington call for Bashar al-Assad’s ouster, 06-Apr-2017
Americans raise $600,000 to rebuild burned Texas mosque, 29-Jan-2017
Indigenous tribes: Arizona road a threat to sacred land, 27-Jan-2017
Samuel Ronan: Democrats ignored working class for years, 19-Feb-2017
Trump victory: What now for the far-right movement? 09-Nov-2016
Cyber warfare: The new international warfront, 23-Oct-2016
US campaign against Columbus Day gaining steam, 09-Oct-2016
Super Tuesday: Meet the Texans supporting Sanders, 01-Mar-2016


Anti-racist Activist Corey Long’s trial delayed, 17-Apr-2018
DeAndre Harris found not guilty of assault, 16-Mar-2018
Charlottesville: Where’s the $200,000 the DSA raised?, 07-Dec-2017
Warrant issued for DeAndre Harris, 13-Oct-2017
US Police arrest leftwing protesters as far-right blooms, 08-Jul-2017

 –US criminal justice, guns and police brutality–

US judge orders release of first ‘Black Identity Extremist’, 05-May-2018
Alabama executes Walter Moody, 83, oldest in modern US history,  20-Apr-2018
Guns ‘key’ to African American Equality: NAAGA, 26-Nov-2017
Gun control’s racist past and present, 06-Oct-2017
Will Facebook gun sales ban boost more secretive sites?, 27-Feb-2016
Police shootings prompt community action in Texas, 06-Jul-2015

–Hungary: Refugees, politics and the far-right–

Hungary sentences refugee to seven years for ‘terror’, 14-Mar-2018
Hungary: Could election upset spell end for illiberal Orban? 26-Feb-2018
Business, politics and a vote to close Budapest’s bars, 21-Feb-2018
Hungary retrial highlights ‘vilification of refugees’, 13-Jan-2018
Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at Hungary-funded event, 27-Dec-2017
How should Hungarians remember World War II? 27-May-2014
EU far-right expects success in elections, 21-May-2014
Hungary revamps its refugee support system, 07-Mar-2014
Hungary alternative media fear radio silence, 05-Feb-2014

–Latin America–

Puerto Rico crisis ongoing months after Hurricane Maria, 29-Nov-2017
Ecuador earthquake: Hope fades for trapped victims, 20-Apr-2016
Ecuadorians show solidarity with earthquake victims, 19-Apr-2016
Ecuador earthquake: Rubble combed as death toll soars, 18-Apr-2016
Persecuted political artists defy Cuba crackdown, 03-Sep-2015
Is Cuba becoming a haven for LGBT rights?, 02-Aug-2015


BDS in the US: Boycott Israel movement gains support, 29-Feb-2016
Fears grow over health of hunger-striking Palestinian, 20-Jan-2016
Israeli forces kill Palestinian accused of knife attack, 10-Dec-2015
Palestinians bury teenage fisherman shot by Egypt navy, 06-Nov-2015
Musings on chess and salt: Gaza’s first ever TEDx talk, 30-Oct-2015
First Gaza refugee home rebuilt since 2014 Israeli war, 22-Oct-2015
Israeli forces kill Gaza border protesters, 17-Oct-2015
Palestinians in Israel call for strike as protest grows, 13-Oct-2015
Voices: What does flag at UN mean to Palestinians?, 02-Oct-2015
OIC head makes first al-Aqsa mosque visit, 05-Jan-2015
In Gaza’s Khuzaa caravans, families fear another winter, 21-Dec-2015
Palestinian families hope for justice at ICC, 18-Dec-2015
Palestinian children live in trauma without end’, 06-Dec-2015
Water crisis deepens in the Gaza Strip, 08-Nov-2015
Israeli Army’s “sectarian recruiting”, 05-Nov-2015
Gaza Palestinians: Egypt ‘teaching Israel new tricks’, 29-Oct-2015
Is Israel facilitating aid to Jewish extremists?, 13-Sep-2015
How has Israel’s Supreme Court defended the occupation?, 10-Sep-2015
The Dead Sea is dying, 28-Aug-2015
Muslims in Jerusalem decry cafe built on cemetery, 10-Aug-2015
East Jerusalem: ‘The two-state solution is dead’, 14-Apr-2015
Palestinian legislator arrested in West Bank, 02-Apr-2015
Siege limits options for Gaza’s chronically ill, 24-Mar-2015
Media wars in full swing ahead of Israeli vote, 15-Mar-2015
Youknow’ App: Palestinian’s voice of the voiceless, 05-Mar-2015
Legal battles on horizon in ruins of Gaza, 21-Feb-2015
Family of slain US activists blasts Israeli court ruling, 13-Feb-2015
Q&A with Dr. William Schabas, former head of UNHRC Gaza commission of Inquiry: ‘Gaza inquiry will move forward unabated’, 04-Feb-2015
Q&A with PLO executive committee member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi: ‘Israel is persistent in its criminality’, 01-Feb-2015
Report: Israel abuses Thai Workers, 21-Jan-2015
Israel’s oil drilling in Golan criticised, 30-Dec-2014
Hear the Palestinian narrative in Bethlehem, 23-Dec-2014
Palestine vote: ‘No one cares about us’, 18-Dec-2014
Palestinians skeptical of UN vote, 17-Dec-2014
Abu Ein: ‘Protecting land stolen by settlers’, 11-Dec-2014
Israel’s Gaza probe raises questions, 08-Dec-2014
Israel’s struggle with gay conversion therapy, 05-Dec-2014
‘They want to kick me out of Jerusalem’, 27-Nov-2014
Jerusalem conflict spreads to Bethlehem, 20-Nov-2014
When culture and resistance meet in Bil’in, 23-Oct-2014
Israel criticised over blocking UNHRC mission, 25-Sep-2014
Palestinians performing therapy through art, 26-Apr-2013


Day care deaths prompt safer facilities for refugee children in Israel,
Organic farms in the West Bank: Hemmed in by smokestacks, separation wall, 14-Apr-2015

Richard Spencer’s Racist Group Has A New Leader, 07-Sep-2017
Medical Director in Arkansas Could Lose License for Acquiring Execution Drug, 24-Apr-2017
Former Arkansas Death Row Chief Shocked at Execution Binge, 18-Apr-2017
Prisoner’s Death Reveals Horrific Conditions in a Texas Prison, 24-Jan-2017






A year after Charlottesville, money for injured residents is drying up – or never arrived, 10-Aug-2018


This Toddler Torn from His Parents Could Suffer Lasting Trauma, 31-Jul-2018
Budapest Cancels ‘Billy Elliot’ Performances, 23-Jun-2018
Republican Wants to Out LGBT Kids in School, 22-Nov-2016
Texas Censors Inmates’ Mail to Stop a Nationwide Prison Strike, 09-Nov-2016
Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Refugees, 07-Nov-2016
Acapulco’s Bloody Taxi War, 22-Oct-2016
How Trump will create more ‘Bad Hombres’ , 20-Oct-2016
Kansas Christians Damn anti-Muslim Terror plot, 17-Oct-2016
Can a whole nation have PTSD? 04-Jul-2016
Did Israel Just Start Another War with Hezbollah? ,21-Dec-2015
The Impossible Defense of an Accused ‘Atheist’ the Saudis Want to Behead,
ISIS Gains a Foothold in Gaza, 08-Dec-2015
Portrait of Palestinian Killer, 19-Oct-2015
The 3rd Intifada Begins (Again), 10-Oct-2015
A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Cuba’s Galaxy,11-Aug-2015
Can Airbnb Help Turn Cuba Capitalist?, 05-Jul-2015
The Rural Texas Towns Buried Under River Mud, 01-Jun-2015
Israel deported them. Then ISIS cut off their heads, 21-Apr-2015
In Gaza with Iran’s Rocket Men, 14-Feb-2015
Christian. Zionist. Terrorist? 14-Dec-2014
Palestinian Cabinet Minister Killed, 10-Dec-2014
IDF bomb sends Assad clear message, 07-Dec-2014
Waiting for the Demolition Men in Jerusalem, 25-Nov-2014
Has Intifada 3.0 already started? 21-Nov-2014
The Radicals who slaughtered a Synagogue, 19-Nov-2014
Israel’s Arab citizen uprising, 10-Nov-2014
The Ghosts of Gaza, Israel’s soldier suicides, 28-Oct-2014


Unarmed Gazans keep on protesting despite Israeli bullets, 31-Oct-2015
His home thrice destroyed, Palestinian’s legal battles against Israel drag on,


Cuban Political Activists Still Face Arrest and Detention, 14-Aug-2015
Why Hitchhiking Is Huge in Cuba: ‘The Transportation System Is Screwed’, 15-Jul-2015
Denton, Texas Banned Fracking — But the Drillers Are Back, 1-June-2015
Israeli Settlements Use Palestinian Child Labor for Products Exported to US and Europe, Rights Group Says, 13-Apr-2015
War Crimes Committed by Palestinian Armed Groups in Gaza, Report Details, 26-Mar-2015
How Israel’s next government will be decided, 17-Mar-2015
The Future of Israel Might Be Decided by the Joint List Arab Coalition, 16-Mar-2015
‘Paradise Is in This Life, Not the Next’: The Marxists of Gaza Are Fighting for a Secular State, 25-Feb-2015
 –Joint coverage of the Israeli election for VICE News with Harriet Salem—
Is Bibi Back? Netanyahu Declares Victory Despite Deadlocked Exit Polls, 18-Mar-2015
‘A Choice Between Hope and Disappointment’: Israelis Vote in Neck-and-Neck Election, 17-Mar-2015


Fear of Sharia: Harvard project aims to shed light on Islamic law, 04-May-2017
Former intelligence officers warn Trump against new Syria strikes, 12-Apr-2017
Angela Davis: ‘This is the South Africa moment for the Palestinian people’, 28-Mar-2017
Rights groups brace for long fight against Trump’s travel ban, 16-Mar-2017
Senate Yemen panel: Unbreakable support for Saudi-led war, 10-Mar-2017
Iranian-American launches vision to push Democratic party to the left, 23-Feb-2017
Texas artists take on artefact trafficking, 11-Nov-2016
Shisha is smokin’ in Amarillo, Texas, 05-Sep-2016
The painting of Gaza’s seaport, 05-Mar-2015
 IN PICTURES: In Haifa, a ‘Museum Without Walls’, 10-Feb-2015
Can Israel afford to continue its controversial policies? 30-Jan-2015
The unbreakable bond of Ireland and Palestine, 27-Jan-2015
Bil’in adds something new to protests, 28-Oct-2014
Villa Touma: the world’s first ‘stateless’ film, 16-Oct-2014
Court reverses Israeli attempt to silence Palestinian radio, 8-Oct-2014
Israel creating ‘culture of self-censorship’, 2-Oct-2014
Palestinian-Israeli conscientious objector awarded scholarship for refusal, 22-Sep-2014
Palestinians exercising the artistic right of return, 11-Sep-2014


Syrians in the Golan Heights Stuck Between Sectarian War and Unjust Occupation, 25-Sep-2014
Interview With UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk: Legitimacy Is the Agency of History, 04-Dec-2013


The changing face of Palestinian resistance, 03-Apr-2013